Saturday, July 27, 2019

Advantages and disadvantages of the options officers have regarding Essay - 1

Advantages and disadvantages of the options officers have regarding the use of force - Essay Example Their major goal is the protection and security of the citizens of the country. In order to attain this goal society, government and the law grants police officers authority in civil government. Police officers use this authority to for the control and the management of the behaviors of the citizens. One of the major advantages in their field is that they can take actions according to the circumstances. They are given permission by the authority to use the forces according to the current situations. While analyzing the challenges of being a Police officer Ashley comments that the greatest challenge for today’s officer is the question of when and how to use the force and how much to use the force. Officers are often considered as the mediators in their careers. They have to analyze the situations where they have to take actions when laws are violated. Their delay or haste in actions and orders can change the whole scenario for them and put the lives of the innocent citizens at risk. Their one wrong decision or wrong step can lead towards the situations where whole society can be put at a risk. New York City Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau points out the acts that a police officer is supposed to do when he is on and off duty, the report says that according to the New York law â€Å"officers also are held strictly accountable to safeguard their weapons at all times. They are not permitted to store or leave their firearms in an unattended motor vehicle and are not permitted to carry their firearms in briefcases, handbags, or other portable containers†. (New York City Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau, 1996) The police officers are considered as the life savers of the citizens in the life threatening situations. They are praised because of their strength, confidence and bravery. They have the permission to carry the gun almost anywhere and investigate any area where they suspect

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