Friday, November 8, 2019

“Statement of Purpose and Goals” Essays

â€Å"Statement of Purpose and Goals† Essays â€Å"Statement of Purpose and Goals† Essay â€Å"Statement of Purpose and Goals† Essay My name is Mike (last name), and I desire a major in Business Management and Economics. I am also interested in Information Systems and how the knowledge from these fields can be applied to financial and community matters. All people are affected by their business and economic environment, and I will be better equipped to help people in need when I understand this more fully. Learning more about Economics will be an asset for me, because it will make me aware of resources and jobs that are lacking in my area. Business Management will give me the knowledge necessary to create jobs for the needy and find or sponsor the resources they need to function in their daily lives. I enjoy helping people and am also quite comfortable in management and leadership positions, and completing my education in Economics and Business Management will give me more opportunities to use these skills to benefit myself and others. As a result, my academic goals include obtaining a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree in Economics. Professionally, I plan to work with computers and other information systems. I am already a PC operator and have created websites for several companies and as fund-raisers for flood victims in my country and region. I plan to continue this work and expand my business and volunteer work as I gain more knowledge in my areas of interest. This university will give me the knowledge and experience I need to make a lasting personal and professional contribution to society. After completing your under-graduate Economics courses, I will be able to obtain an entry-level position in the field. By continuing to earn a Masters and then a Doctorate degree, I will be able to either advance my career with an employer or work as an independent consultant. I believe the courses offered here will teach me the skills and knowledge I need to work in the Economics field. Because I have management experience, I also wish to complete your Business Management courses. Expanding my knowledge and practical experience in this field will give me more employment choices and even enable me to start my own organization. Combining Economics and Business Management will open the doors to numerous opportunities that would not otherwise be available to me. I welcome any and all opportunities, and embracing these courses of study will only bring them closer by better qualifying me for jobs in these fields. My extra-curricular activities have prepared me for these fields, as well as university and team work. These activities included editing my high school magazine, building websites and operating PCs, advertising and fund-raising, marketing, volunteering, and participating on a basketball team. While editing my high school magazine, I learned how to get along well with people, the importance of completing work on time, and the administrative aspects of publishing a magazine. In addition, I really enjoy computers and have built websites for several companies, as well as a donation site for my regions flood victims in 2005 and 2006. This also involved fund-raising, advertising,   and marketing in order to increase the amount of money earned for flood victims. Furthermore, I work as a PC operator, which has taught me to follow rules, solve problems, and work with others. These are all qualities needed to succeed at a university. In addition, I enjoy working with others and helping them reach their full potential. Therefore, I volunteered for an organization to teach blind people that they have not done anything wrong to deserve blindness, but that they are all loved and important. Finally, on my high school basketball team, I learned the importance of being on a team reaching a goal. We won the local championship two years in a row. Not only have I participated in competitions, but I have also coordinated and won one. This involved a parade, in which students from different high schools created unique uniforms to wear. The high school with the most original uniforms was the winner. With a team of students, I brainstormed numerous ideas, and our high school was the winner. We were then presented an award by our town hall. Coordinating the parade and uniforms was a valuable experience for me, because it gave me a glimpse of what it might be like to work in a management position later in life. University students come from all backgrounds and many different cultures. I feel I am well-adjusted and able to work with others to achieve goals. I have worked with the blind, the poor and destitute, supervisors, faculty, and even the mayor of my town to accomplish goals. My town is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest cake, and the mayor, other volunteers, and I created enough publicity to capture the publics interest. I know that university organizations need funding for their projects and activities, and I want to contribute my informatics and other skills to raise money for their causes. In conclusion, this university will equip me with the knowledge I need to advance in Economics and Business Management. I enjoy learning and working with others. Thus, I look forward to joining your community of students and faculty and growing, learning,  and contributing to the university community.

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