Friday, January 31, 2020

Jus 201Milestone 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Jus 201Milestone 1 - Essay Example In solving such a case, it calls for conduction on the thorough investigations on the matter which will not only investigators make progress towards arresting perpetrators, but also for the purpose of aiding victims and preparing for prosecution. Hence, it is important to keep a comprehensive and systematized case files to make sure that it is possible later to tell a comprehensive and logical story about the crime and the suspect’s engrossment (Haines, 1980). First, I would conduct an interview with the victims by asking the most basic questions about the bombing, recording all the first-hand reactions. This will include obtaining confession from eyewitnesses at the scene. Also, it will call for reviewing street cameras or security camera footage of cameras installed in the near premises facing the scene. After that, I would review details provided in the initial interview with the victims familiarizing myself with the facts reported. This will also help determine that the facts meet the features of the crime classification and help resolve what information is required from the victim in the next interview (Geberth, 1986) Conducting a follow up interview will determine whether the facts have changed, or new facts have been learned by the victim. This will also present an opportunity for the victim to clarify any information in the initial report that is not clear. At this point, I will be able to determine the true nature of the bombing and whether there are other incidences involved before setting out on analyzing the information at hand. Based upon the known facts obtained from the site of the bombing, analysis will include examining photographs from the traffic cameras, running fingerprint match from fingerprints collected from the scene, examining photographs of taken from the scene trying to figure out the motive of the perpetrator who can be identified through eyewitness testimony, through circumstantial evidence or

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