Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Inquiry Brief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Inquiry Brief - Essay Example My research question is as follows: do medical advancements and biomedical progress outweigh the controversial ethical and moral acts made in stem cell research? My argument is that medical and social benefits stem cell research brings to humanity the past progress and future development of the research. For the purpose of the analysis and argument on stem cell research, three academic sources were selected. The article by L. Leydesdorff and I. Hellsten â€Å"Metaphors and Diaphors in Science Communication: Mapping the Case of Stem-Cell Reseach† in Science Communication examine the term â€Å"stem cell† and how it varies in different contexts of research, applications and policy debates. From the very beginning, authors emphasize the pressing importance of stem cell research, indicating that the United States President George W. Bush addressed the political and social issue of stem cell research, specifically, embryonic stem cell research and it was the first time an American President had gone on national television in a special broadcast on a bioethical issue (Leydesdorff & Hellsten, 71). Later in November 2001, Bush convinced Congress to ban reproductive and therapeutic cloning of stem cells (Leydesdorff & Hellsten, 71). Authors points out that these restrictive policies have greatly affected both scientific research in the United States and the public debate over stem cell research. More specifically Leydesdorff and Hellsten focus on communication of stem cell research to general public and the importance of it to the latter. From the authors’ perspective, it is evident that stem cell research will receive the fullest reception of society. In her book â€Å"Stem Cell Research† Lillian Forman provides a thorough analysis of almost every aspect around stem cell research, from its medical potential and future benefits to policy

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