Sunday, June 9, 2019

Consumer Behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words - 4

Consumer Behaviour - Essay ExampleAccording to Salvati (1999, p6), till a customer remains satisfied with the service, there are no major chances that he/she may drop or switch to an another(prenominal) service provider. It is a fact that in a highly competitive atmosphere clean as in the profit making sectors, customer loyalty is to be given a deep thought. Moreover, actions are to be taken to have a continuous improvement in the level of customer loyalty (Hsieh, 2002).This paper will deal with an important concept of brands and the Australian charities. The paper will be divided into two main parts namely, Part A and Part B. Part A will deal with the simple literature of branding and a brand personality. The section will also deal with an overview of the Australian Charity. The overview of the Australian Charity Industry will allow a better understanding of the divers(a) players in the commercializes and the non profit making sector as a whole. Part B of the assignment will d eal with three advertisements/ marketing techniques that have been utilize by the Australian Charities to help build and develop a strong brand image and brand identity (Jobber, 2004). Each of the three examples that have been taken for this study will be studied on three main basis, a) the personality of each brand and what the brands can be characterized into, b) reasons why brands use a certain characteristic and who they aim as their target markets, and c) the possible changes and recommendations for change for the brands and their personality (Franzen & Bouwman, 2001).The Australian charity industry is a wide spread market with over almost 700,000 organisations with a wide range of activities that they deal with. These organisations range from different activities like environment conservation, youth assistance, help for the blind, or disabled, and several other activities. Most of the organisations that have been recognised by the government and the only ones that are

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