Monday, June 17, 2019

Evaluating practice through theories and models Essay - 1

Evaluating practice through theories and models - Essay ExampleHe was being taken care of by his wife, who was senior(a) too. The patient had a history of heart failure, diabetes mellitus, and hypertension. His condition was worsened by the fact that he had a low self-esteem, to a point that he wished himself terminal to unburden his family. He had difficulty in breathing caused by increased ultra filtration. He also had limited water intake because of his renal treatment. In addition to this, he had failed in maintaining his regular food and water balance because he refused to eat and drink. Renal failure also caused him to have difficulty in passing urine (OSU 2013).Mr. Lim depended on his wife and nurses to help him with his activity of daily living (ADL). Mr. Lim and his wife both lacked the critical fellowship of maintaining his condition. These include lack of the willing to follow his regimen and dietary adjustments (NKF 2013). Also captured were the psychological effects of the disease on him, and his familys lack of motivation characterized by depression of both of them.Mr. Lim was negatively affected by these circumstances, and his condition, as a result. Introduction of Orems self-deficit theory seemed the best option to get the patient and his family to cope with management of the patients condition.Both the patient and his wife were to be subjected to Orems self-deficit theory to enable them gain the appropriate knowledge that will benefit all of them. This is because their lack of knowledge of self-care management and supportive education that was essential in Mr. Lims management of his chronic condition (Curtin et. al. 2005).Orems self-deficit theory was applied, in this case, to improve the condition of Mr. Lim and the psychological well being of his wife. The program took about three months, and the results were encouraging. Mr. Lim was able to portray a positive aura, which was the most essential step in the road to his recovery. This

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