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Dunkin donuts corporation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dunkin donuts corporation - Assignment ExampleDunkin Donuts competes with Starbucks in coffee tree sales and Krispy Kreme in donut sales. This paper takes a ambient look at Dunkin Donuts with regards to its competitors, strategic group map and its position in the merchandise.The list of restaurants in the coffee and donut industry is incredibly long. According to hoovers, a D&B Company reports, the top competitors of Dunkin Donuts are Starbucks Corporation in coffee, Krispy Kremeand Dairy Queen in donuts and ice cream and McDonald in limited-service restaurant. In 2005 Starbuck had a 43% market share in gourmet coffee while Dunkin Donut had 27% followed by Krispy Kreme with 5% share (Dunkin Donuts, 7). In the same report, Dunkin Donuts was stratified the leading Donut and ice cream chain with a market share of 28.5% followed by Tim Hortons with 27% and Dairy Queen with a 20.2% market share.Although Dunkin Donuts deals in donuts and other baked products, the product that brings th e company a relatively bigger profit is the varieties of coffee drinks they serve. It sells approximately 1 billion cups of coffee in a year (Dunkin Brands Corporation, credits Dunkin donutsas one of the three java giants the other two being Starbucks and McDonald. Dunkin Donuts has the number one share of coffee beverages, donut, bagel, and muffin servings. In addition, it managed to have the second share in breakfast and libertine service restaurants and is recognized as first in customer loyalty in the coffee category for the last eight years in business. Furthermore, it was ranked tenth in 2012 franchise 500 in fast food survey of quick refreshment chains.Strategic group map mechanism has enabled Dunkin Donuts to understand its competitors and look for its position in the market. There are a number of strategies that have been introduced by Strategic group map mechanism. The first strategy was coming up with friendly prices of its products. Its products are affordabl e and cheaper

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