Saturday, June 15, 2019

Social Media Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Social Media - Assignment ExampleValue laden attitudes allow a social marketing manager conduct business at heart the existing ethical channels. The manager appreciates the value of the law in regulating good business conduct. They appreciate the persona of good counsel and rely on the law for guidance. Cyberspace business is infamous for scams and swindles. Therefore, several brands online lose credibility in the market. A legally astute manager uses the law to uphold morality and therefore create a strong brand with commendable public image and relations.A legally astute social marketing manager exercises apprised judgment. The manager recognizes the law as an essential element of business in cyberspace. They hold themselves responsible for legal decisions rather than leaving them to counsel. The counsel therefore plays the role of advisor but not decision maker. In e- employment, this trait is beneficial in making informed decisions to maximize returns. Context-specific knowle dge refers to a managers deep understanding of the law. The legal decisions made by the manager are binding to a company as he serves as an agent. Cyberspace commerce is regulated by several laws. Understanding specific facts regarding these laws is essential in ensuring marketing managers practice their roles within the confines of the law. The last component requires the manager to unwrap a proactive approach. This involves the managers application of the law from the early stages of designing a business model. Particularly, the manager seeks counsel early enough beforehand any major crisis. This is essential in ensuring the business is operating within the legal standard in cyberspace.2. List and analyze methods of alternative dispute fortitude and determine which would be most effective in resolving genuine disputes that arise with consumers who may make purchases from businesses that provide links via social media.The

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