Monday, May 20, 2019

Body Culture

Chris Moss describes which sight that ordain meet you generally, when you meet up at a fitness centre. He designates the fitness opinion is normalized. Too umteen men spend their time in the centre, Just because they want to get a great body and to be butchers. It has nothing to do with sound and exercise. Its only for the sake of the appearance the men does lift weighting. He thinks that some of the only men who seemed to be relaxed at the gym are the fitness Instructors. They give a big part of their life to pack other people healthy. The editors of Ms. Magazine got the same opinion In the other text.They focus on women and their converge. They think women and their view of breast implants gravel got out of hand. Already as kids the girls get feed with the form of the sodding(a) breast by the Barbie mania. They think their breast should stand firm and high and out. Small breasts are straight off a kind of disease in some womens eyes. The editors mention that women of disco biscuit support the fight against breast cancer, but a lot of women nevertheless have the breast Implants as their first priority. What many of ahem dont know is that the implants can hurt their own body and destroy their health.Comment on the statement * There is a link between physical beauty and sex appeal and popularity, success, and happiness The statement is probably how many people think. I am sure that many dont want to admit their thoughts, but this Is how many think. like you could see In the previous texts about body culture, the body means a lot to people. many an(prenominal) look down at the overweight persons and look up to the beauties and the muscular ones. Its an evil circle. It is a truly(prenominal) superficial statement. At least one part of the statement is not true.There is not necessarily a link between physical beauty and happiness and is a kind of naive to think such(prenominal) a thing. It is probably easier to get a job when you look good then if you are very ugly. No matter how focused you are on equalizing everybody opportunities you would hire the beautiful above the ugly, if Don applicants Ana ten same accomplishment IT you nave to see ten statement In context with the three other texts, you have to admit that it is statements and renouncements like this one that helps create the ideals that so many people morbid try to get it on up to.This statement is very superficial and yet parts of it can be true in some connections. Write a letter * To your headmaster in which you argue for or against this ban serious headmaster Brian. I do not care about your opinion about the dress edict at school. I agree that students and especially girls are wearing overly provocative clothing. I do not think that it is the Job of the school to bring up the students, its Job is only two nurture the students. You cannot do a ban, because they wear provocative clothing for leisure and not least when they finish school.I would theorize I have a better idea. As mentioned earlier, the schools Job to teach students. You can come up with some talking about rapists and miscellaneous criminals. Another idea could also be putting up posters with scare campaigns. I think many students will be affected by it. There will of course be pupils who will not be affected, but they can live their own lives and match from everyday life and their surroundings. Best regards Simons Holstein.

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