Saturday, May 4, 2019

Family of the Hearts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Family of the Hearts - Essay ExampleMy whole family lives in China and I disbursal my time alone in America for education. From my experiences of living alone, I have realized that family is one of the closely important parts of my life without which I feel very lonely and sad at times. offset of my life in America without an authentic family was not all smooth sailing. I go about umpteen difficulties in the start regarding education, residence, and social integration. I did not have anyone from my family with whom I could share my problems freely. I lived in a host family but in that respect I felt loneliness and social isolation because I did not feel easy at sharing my issues with other(a)s and that situation led to misunderstandings between us at times. I did not have a good understanding of the foreign culture because of which I faced difficulty in making friends and communicating with the people of other cultures.Living in the host family, there were too many procedures f or me of all dissimilar cultures to understand. For example, I had to understand the norms and values of different cultures in pose to be able to communicate effectively with the people of those cultures. Similarly, I had to understand the emotions and way of life of other people in order to become a functioning and responsible part of the host family. sensation thing that I noticed in America was that all the young adults of that country are so independent that they do not have any sentiments to be taken care of by their parents. They look with their own mind, plan things on their own, and do what they feel right. In short, I would say that they do not leave it for their parents to think about their future.

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