Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Change the U.S. into a utopia what changes would you make and why Essay

Change the U.S. into a utopia what changes would you vex and why - Essay ExampleSince USA plays central role in world politics and is the bone marrow of international trade and economy, utopian USA should be free from racial or religious discriminations. Educating jejuneness is the best step that can be taken to make USA a utopian state. The sentiency and standard of education will have to be raised as violence and drug profane have been increasing among the students at an alarming rate. The post 9/11 USA has become a far fetched reality than what its founding fathers wanted it to be. The event was a turning point in the American foreign policy. The enforcement of the Patriot Act held deep impacts on the civil liberties of common Americans, especially the ones belonging to pagan and religious minorities. Racial targeting became common and people had to change or blend in in order to be non picked upon. It is critical enough for US to come close to being a perfect nation as it consists of almost whole of North America. The State department though, has made significant measures to bridge the gap, by promoting cultural exchange programs across the US, by encouraging American families to host foreign students mainly from the Middle easternmost so as to remove the stereotypes from both sides and paint a different picture altogether.

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